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DMR, Yes, D-Star, Yes . tmrf. Click a row to view the repeater. uk/kenwood-dmr/. MD785 - 12102017 (1. Direct Dial Talk Group 931  Hytera R988. rdt 29 Dec 2015 - 7 min - Uploaded by Andy Proctor LTD, Websites, Warehouse & E-Commerce. If you want, I have a code plug for Ocean/Monmouth County if you want to look at it to get an idea how to program the code plug. 6. 4875 MHz with a -9 MHz shift using DMR. Basic code plug settings for GB7DJ  What's digital radio all about? First of all, what digital radio isn't, is the “sit at a computer and type” mode that some, ill-informed, people have called it. The radio is available on eBay for around £100 including programming lead, software and delivery! If you want to purchase from the UK, with support then I  They are available in 400 to 480 MHz and 136 to 174 MHz. TAC 311. 433. Group Call. DV4home V2 The DV4home V2 is another member of the successful family of DV4 products. cbestrada. Hytera MD785 CPS software is available at GB7DD. Your radio  12 Nov 2014 I can tell you I am not disappointed and have been telling all I can just what a great little radio it is . Modes. Cyprus data taken from the CodePlug Nestor kindly  10 Jul 2017 Retevis RT-82 Free *big* code plug and a few video reviews. 2  20. MD655G - 12102017 (1. Will post when I have it completed. uk/dmr-network-expanding/ Code Plug Central for your DMR Amateur Radios for UK repeaters. You will need to have applied for your  GB7CL DMR digital Mobile Radio in Clacton on Sea in Essex. net/dmr. 11 Dec 2016 1. There is currently a world wide DMR network. Mai 2017 Mai 2017 DMR BRANDMEISTERTeam. . YOU DO NEED THE SE UK CODEPLUG ON FACEBOOK. 1. Die kostenlose Windows Software Codeplug File Editor (G6AMU) kann alles editieren, was die CPS für MD380 / MD390 auch auf die Reihe bringt. 00. PC Tom. DigitalMobile Radio. FM Boulder. DMR repeaters The codeplug contains a wealth of information that the radio needs to be able to access your local repeater and pull in QSO's from around the world. co. RM MPRG. 4403 UK 3. You must use CPS version 2. 2 MiB, 109 hits). 16. 0. If you have a code  I don't know the reasoning but it's appearing all over the West coast and elsewhere. Links :: MD380_MD390_CodePlug_Editor_v0. 001. Wrap mini in one layer of foil to help shield  ML&S Martin Lynch & Sons Ltd. 3102. 012500. 27 Nov 2015 Other codeplugs are available from codeplugcentral and GB7DD. 28 Jul 2016 Codeplug updated to add GB7KH Kelvedon Hatch repeater which is on the BrandMeister network. Reply · Click here to remove banner ads from this forum. UK User Access: TG80. 5 Topics: 6 Posts: Last If you need a code plug for a particular radio please post a request here. uk/dashboard/refdb. HAM DMR UK 2nd Floor Airedale House Campbell Street Keighley BD21 3AA Phone: 01535517277. 1 Our training team consists of: 5 Projects and Goals for the Club; 6 Informative; 7 Slightly out of date; 8 Useful links. You can also talk to DMR radios configured for the Hytera network via. 26-600x600 md78x78xg_1-600x600. rdt. If that fails, scroll down the list to Icom and start wading through the list, you could still be lucky! Debut of the TYT MD-2017 Dual Band DMR HT FINALLY! It shouldn't surprise anyone that TYT was the first to respond to Amateur Operators worldwide who have been wanting a dual band DMR Radio. 06 Last Updated: 15th October 2015 1. this is the only place where the codeplug is available and the codeplug is essential. Please unzip the file before trying to uploaded it to your radio. (E. 09. 2. dropbox. A warm welcome to our website containing some very interesting and factual information about Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) for Amateur Radio. The files available on this page are for here for your convenience, no responsibility is taken for any of the content. UK South code plugs, CPS, Firmwares. gb7dd. 6 - 02-02-2018 now available from the DOWNLOADS section of the GB7DD Website. de. to interconnect repeaters all over the world, it consists of talk groups (please see list of available TG's), that interconnects repeaters, local, UK wide, Europe and worldwide. I've built sample codeplugs for the following radios: Motorola XPR4550 UHF Mobile Motorola XPR6550 UHF Handheld Connect Systems CS750 UHF Handheld TYT/Tytera MD380 UHF Handheld. The code PLUG is AMATEUR in all senses but in case  26 Dec 2016 I see this question posted often in several of the Facebook groups that I follow, and since I share codeplugs for multiple radios from one of my other websites, I get emails with this question also. You can download a copy from HERE. Introduction: This code plug is set up to provide the user with a comprehensive list of channels and features enabling the radio to be used anywhere in the UK on both  11 Aug 2015 Radio codeplugs for Motorola and Hytera sets are available from the www. Why? The stock answer is that it cannot be taken out of the box and placed on air without having to program it up first. CHIRP is a free, open-source tool for programming most amateur radio · MD380 / RT3 Software & Firmware Try this at your own risk as it could brick your radio. February 2015 . wasted heck of a lot of time and effort trying to program it. WH Hyt USA. If you are looking for programming software for the Icom IC-F3161 you should try CS-F3161, IC-F3161 or just F3161. Hank W5HJ 73. rdt?dl=0. DMR Simp. 25km south of the Golborne Location but still in the in your code plug use this method to connect to it using the reflector number 4412*. zip. Of course at your own risc. By. • Need to know what TG is available and on what Time Slot. A few days ago I received my Tytera MD-380 which I ordered in order to exeriment with the modified software and to have the chance to hear my own audio back. Codeplug optimised for Scotland but containing all UK repeaters (Digital and Analogue) and the TX issue on VFO adjusted. Only a small percentage of the available talkgroups. From a recent introduction to DMR, and the TYT. csv  DMR CodePlug for TYT Tytera MD-380, MD-2017, Retevis RT3, RT82 and Zastone D900. bm-dmr. The code plug is available from your local  The easy way to change a Hytera code plug in minutes as example from MD78xG to PD78x, PD68x, MD65x or X1P (not for the PD3xxxx. Digital Mobile Radio. Parrot. This concept was developed initially in the United States and has spread all over the  CS-580. United Kingdom. GB7WL has just gone live and the UK DMR network is growing at an amazing rate http://www. BM AK 3102. 27 Topics: 114 Posts  RSGB EMERGING TECHNOLOGY CO-ORDINATION COMMITTEE ukrepeaters DMR MAP. uk/md380-codeplug-editor. As of May 2017, a new repeater was  TYT MD380 Codeplug Here you will find the latest DMR codeplug for your TYT MD380. Here is a list of talkgroups that are linked to reflectors. Specialising in new & used Ham (Amateur) Radio, Commercial Two-Way Radio, Marine & Aviation products. More information on the Radio ID system is available here  Richard G7RVH has a selection of codeplugs available on his website. 4400 UK. An easy option is to contact us using the Contact Us Form and have us program your radio, alternatively if you have a copy of the Motorola CPS Software and a suitable programming cable for your radio then we can send you a ready-to-go Codeplug file for your particular radio. None. DMR Phoenix It's not just in the US, here's a UK network moving. I have found RT90 Mobile radio very easy to program, the USB cable / com port is detected in the software automatically. The code plug can also contain a Contact List of Radio IDs, call signs, and names to be displayed. dmr-uk. DMR user communities and repeater owners are dropping DMR-MARC and cBridge based networks for Brandmeister. We are using a Yaesu DR-1X You can now operate through GB7WB on 439. If you download a Codeplug please ensure you setup your DMR Radio ID before writing to your radio. Time Slot 1 is for World-Wide, Europe, UK-Wide and Local. October 29, 2017 No comments. Amateur Radio Guide to. We have also added DMR+ Quebec - French  19 Aug 2016 General Radio Settings: Input your own DMR ID (either 234nnnn or 235nnnn). Buy TYT Upgraded MD-390 DMR Digital Radio, with GPS Function! Waterproof Dustproof IP67 Walkie Talkie Transceiver, VHF 136-174MHz Two-Way Radio, Compatible with Mototrbo, with 2 Antenna, Black at Amazon UK. Tytera MD-380 Handheld. Our second repeater was GB7WW which was installed in central Wiltshire  11 Sep 2017 Ask anyone if they are going to get into Digital radio and the immediate reply is NO it is too complicated. MD380 G0NEF-UK Updated 7/7/2017. com Regards Mark G0LGJ code plug=essential only on facebook 10/2017. Example you have a friend in the UK and he can access his local repeater using TG 113 and you can go to Building a code plug can take many hours, especially if you want to program hundreds of channels. DOWNLOADS. 64. series). Codeplug Design for the. TAC 310. Besides that, I already own a Hytera PD785 that I use when exercising my ham radio callsign OZ1BFM and the DMR ID 2385021. EI7CDD is connected to the 4400 - UK Call 4401 - Chat 1 4402 - Chat 2 4403 - Chat 3 4404 - Ireland GI 4405 - Scotland 4407 - Wales 4410 - S. I was able to do an audio test on 9999 and connect to SoCal 31066 and have a QSO. UK User Access: TG82. Reply. Contact: Adam Lowrey – 2E0LXA. Here we get a good review from James Preece. You can monitor live UK traffic for DMR online, and clicking on a callsign / repeater will filter activity just for that call / repeater. UK. 4 MiB, 319 hits) PD7xxG Service Manual (UK) (1. MD-785 best mobile by far for the money. Specifications · Amateur Radio Guide to DMR · User Manual · Pin Out Illustration Software / Firmware Factory Programming Software · Firmware Update · Sample Code Plugs Drivers Drivers & Programming Cable Technical Section What is CTCSS/DCS  Well it's another VK DMR Network newsletter time, and I would like to say we are growing in numbers . Just open the box and tune to your local repeatr. SPOT AK. FM Mac Pass. I would like to acknowledge VK1MDP Murray who provided the core of this codeplug. this codeplug editor is excellent! use (download arrow). Local (secondary): TG9 (S1). The code  17 Jul 2017 We can run the software initially without the connection of the radio and build the code plug piece by piece, researching the various aspects as we go In my case I have created many more channels that I would consider of use, like DMR simplex or PMR channels, so I can fill a zone of 16 channels so I  M0TIG, Yaesu, Kenwood, Flex SDR, 3D printing, Anycubic, Our two Allstar repeaters are connected to the HUBNet UK network. Model, R988. 3104. 1 UK Specific Discussion  5 Jun 2015 The majority of DMR repeaters in the UK are on 70cm which gives the added bonus to Hams of employing nice small antennas. 14 Feb 2016 To change to a different TG on the reflector, UK Chat 1 for example on 4401, you must first disconnect the reflector from 4400. Share. Vendor, Hytera. MD2017-G0NEF-UK Updated 7/7/2017. MM0CUG Ham Antenna Masts November 7, 2017. DOWNLOAD LINK – ZIP Datei: http://www. 31 Dec 2016 I am in the process of building another codeplug for the 380. com www. || Make a backup file ! PA0MAG Hytera Code Plug Changer. uk. MD380 Codeplug Editor, Hose line is an online streaming platform for the HAM radio Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Brandmeister network. The purpose of the repeater is to provide a central meeting place for anyone in or around the Northwich area to experiment or make make contacts using DMR. it is not a physical thing . &. This is done by sending a private call on slot 2 for (or whatever they're called this week). The concept of linking repeaters is not new, and with the recent and rapid growth in Digital Mobile Radio repeaters here in the UK, linking them is probably a natural step in their development. SPOT AZ. Europe's leading Supplier and Distributor of Communications Equipment. http://www. hamgoodies. If you have not yet obtained your own DMR ID then see: UK Wide: TG235. htm. Take one look at the Programming Software and it is not hard to understand. The PNW network supports our affiliated IPSC networks of MotoTRBO repeaters and their users in Idaho, Oregon and Washington. GB7RR Last Heard Users · Live DMR Users · BrandMeister Dashboard · Tytera DMR radios · Codeplugs · Mason Electronics DMR · Hoseline DMR receiver  I also attached a CODE PLUG for use with an OpenSpot. The first thing you realize when The codeplug itself is edited and loaded into the radio by a piece of software called CPS (Customer Programming Software). If you have a file that you think others may be interested in then please feel free to share  11 Jun 2016 Here is a Code plug for the MD 380 & clones, I only operate from home base in Watford and only use GB7WL as my access point so I have made this Code Plug for my own use but thought it might be use to others. FM Badger. RM Montana. Here are a few examples. The radio is well constructed and robust, and while its primary purpose is DMR is will also do analogue FM and can be programmed to  This page will be kept updated (update 6/10/17) to contain useful information and links for those interested in our DMR repeater and the technology. Here you can get your code plug and programming details for GB7CL talk groups with the new DMR Phoenix-UK. 3106. afternoon all membersi would like to know who uses DMR within raynet as im trying to guild my group To tell what version of code plug your CS-700 has, check the number and names of the zones eg if you cycle through Version 02. 022 (82. Facebook · Twitter · Google + · LinkedIn  Slot 2 - UK wide and International. Written by jape on April 14, . Time to reprogramme my codeplug then! Might even stick the DMR set in the car now! Top  Take the first dmr repeater, find out what color code , slots are 1 or 2, enter the frequency and the contact name. External Links. I make no promises or assurances that these will work. After Receiving the radios from the courier, I went over to my friend 2E0STZ's shack and we loaded a code plug for our local DMR Marc repeater network then programmed the radio's . We are UK  Welcome! Amp The Northern DMR Cluster is, so we believe, the newest DMR network in the UK! At present we host the GB7HS, GB7HX, GB7TD, GB7MR, GB7LE, GB7EL, GB7RV, GB7HM and GB3RF repeaters, others are in discussion to join which could expand the coverage. DMR-Utah · Mountain West  20 Aug 2015 MD-380 just arrived, anyone have a DMR cqodeplug they don't mind sending please? I'm away from tomorrow Cheeky I know but if nothing more than a having a couple of SW repeaters, I can quickly butcher the codeplug with my details. com/s/aio5eh6mfba9gbv/RT-82%20updated%2005092017. UK User Access: TG83. Both are available to download from the Radioddity website. After the first rush of users though GB7HX, the usage declined, so in 2013 it was decided to change GB7HX to the new DMR-MARC digital system. The Motorola DMR. Website, [www. net/ and attaching a copy of your  UK DMR Network Repeaters Coverage. TYT MD380/390 DMR Codeplug Instructions. 4402 UK Chat. TyMD380Tools By KG5RKI  26 Oct 2016 Re: TYT MD380 Code Plug for OpenSpot. • Not all TG are available on every C-bridge (state and regional). uk/codeplugs-software/tytera-menu/. ukrepeater. On 18 Sep 2017, at 14:54, Ian Sharpe <I@sharpesafety. Removes talk  As well as the DMR repeaters the MD-380 can also access your local analogue 70cm repeaters and these are in the code plug. Using code plugs for the Retevis T3 & Hytera MD380 DMR if you are struggling to work out Amateur radio has taken the inevitable digital route. It is mainly for Brandmeister network, covering the US and the UK. MD785G (High Power) - 14102017 (1. Chirp Programming software for a range of transceivers Wouxun, It will program your radio with both the UK and EU CB frequencies and the 10 Meter Amateur Radio Band. MD-380, by Dave M0TAZ at a September LEFARS meeting, there seems to be a lot of interest amongst the  19 Dec 2015 DMR in the UK · DMR at the Windsor, Canada Field Day · Motorola Amateur Radio Club (DMR-MARC). net The latest code plug with GB7TC included can be downloaded here md380-rt3-swindon. computers fitted with a D-STAR DV dongle. If you are linking to this CodePlug resource, please use the following URL: (NOT the actual files) http://www. 7. You will need a DMR ID to program into the radio to access the DMR services and this can be obtained by copleting your details here - http://register. 4. Simply open up the GD-77 and navigate to General Setting. This Forum Is Hosted For FREE By ProBoards. We understand this is NOT the support website for this "FREE" software. you should then be able to communicate with the dv4mini software. At most, a user may require 1 or 2 radio ID's – you can utilise the same ID for your hand held and mobile / base radios. It is customised for the East Anglia region. TG 9 Reflector use, connect to other repeaters/reflectors on this Talk Group. IRQDDB DCS005F output on GB7SN repeater from DCS005F. Mon Jan 08, 2018 2:56 pm. PNW is also affiliated with the BC-TRBO network in British Columbia Canada. TYT MD380 codeplug by Darkstar » Thu Dec 28, 2017 8:21 pm: 2 Replies: 233 Views: Last post by Darkstar Mon Jan 01, 2018 5:28 pm. 4401 UK Chat. WH MPRG. BM AZ 3104. With the success of the MD380, it is a no-brainer to create such a model. You can find copies . TS MPRG2. pdf. Here are my findings. It was just a little less than an hour after it was flashed with the modified firmware allowing for talk group independent  9 Jan 2017 When you travel out of the area, you can connect to the local repeater from anywhere and chat — The benefits are real! If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of the repeater owners. GB7XX is the first DMR repeater in the Tyne and Wear area covering Gateshead, Newcastle TG 235 UK TIME SLOT 2. Quick demo showing advanced DMR features, remote monitor, alarm, disable and re-enable  Radioddity GD-77 Codeplug by GM1YME V4. Version 03 Introduces new talk groups DMRPlus SP, DMRplus US, DMRplus UK to all zones. DON'T FORGET TO GO INTO “GENERAL SETTINGS” AND PROGRAM YOUR RADIO NAME. I am by no means an expert at this but if anyone has one of these radios and needs help with  Ralph Britton (22/03/1937 – 11/11/2006) Ralph was a good friend that is sadly no longer with us G4PQG Paul Leicester | MØFOX | Chesterfield UK | IO93HE | Icom IC-7300 The post Ralph Britton G4PQG appeared first on MØFOX Ham Radio Operator. • Info must be programmed in radio to access TG  Newest 25 DMR Repeaters. uk/dmr. The files here are offered in good faith and may be used, modified and re-distributed as you wish. V8. They may have incorrect or not used anymore talkgroups, i spotted one or two CS700 ones with errors, so i strongly advise  DMR repeater for the Northwich area, connected to the UK BrandMeister Network. The PD-785, the work horse, durable construction and technically advanced. GB7KM was our first digital repeater in the South West and is connected to the Phoenix UK DMR CORE. FM N Hills. West 4411 - S. (See list of reflectors below. WHat I found worked for me was an extension usb cable to get mini away from computer. Compleat with HAM code plug ready installed. The UK amateur market has in the main adopted 433 MHz . DMR MD380 Reception Boost - Help. D Star works on the D-STAR network and can talk to other D-STAR radios or via. SPOT CA. 13 Aug 2016 Tytera (TYT) MD380 CodePlug Editor v0. AS NEW TYTMD380 PURCHASED 09/2017 AT HAM FEST ,, ALL COMPLETE ,, RECEIPT , CODE PLUG BY MIRFIELDS RDAIOS , SADLY DMR NOT FOR ME COLIN BAKER ,G4KFJ,, EMAIL FIRST CONTACT ,  UK. Post by W5hj » Wed Oct 26, 2016 5:40 pm. http://www. D-STAR. 7 Jul 2017 UK DMR Codeplugs for the MD380 and TYT MD2017. i had to have help from  GB7RR Menu. Firmware, A8. uk site. East 4412 - North West 4414 - Ireland GI Chat The GB7JL Brandmeister DMR Repeater formerly located in Golborne is now located in Lowton just 1. Your news source for the Phoenix UK Network which also links the UK to the DMR-MARC Network - run by users, for the users. BM CA 3106. Category: Codeplugs, DMR, TYT. ham-digital. TS Local. It has aerials which, if you don't install them correctly, still don't work – just like with FM. CRARC Anytone AT-D858 Codeplug - CRARC08022017_ATD858. 2 MiB, 111 hits). g7rvh. 314 likes. Had only 4 zones, WLG DMR, WLG Analog, STSP Repeaters, National System. I should forewarn you that DMR on the dv4mini so far is hit or miss. 7 Sep 2017 The codeplug along with other useful DMR information can be found here on EI7IG's page. Red Mtn NV. Here is a sample 16 channel local lineup (based on the Kingsland Repeater). ACTIVE Reflectors in the UK. On DMR use timeslot 2,  1 Nov 2017 Since RT90 begin sale on October 2017 receives many good feedback from our customers. The VE7RAG UHF DMR repeater is also a member of the PNW Network. I have written a short review with links to codeplugs and software. An ESTI published worldwide standard; Over a HALF 3700 Site network in USA, Germany, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Mexico, and the UK. FM Toston. This document is my attempt to consolidate various sources of information for the TYT Tytera MD-380 DMR UHF 1W/5W transceiver. Comes with a Get Started ecpecialy writtern for the UK radio Ham. YOUR CALLSIGN AND FIRST NAME) . Stand Alone Repeaters A PLACE TO FIND INFORMATION ON ANY STAND ALONE DMR REPEATERS IN THE UK This section is for UK DMR Admins to make announcements about the UK Network. 15. I wanted to do a video that demonstrated how to setup your DMR codeplug to use your radio with a hotspot – be it  DMR in Rochdale/Morecambe by pa38 » Wed Nov 15, 2017 9:40 am: 2 Replies: 209 Views: Last post by iansradios. 8 MiB, 306 hits). 07. Our main aim is to supply a stable, fuss-free,  Firstly, our testing of the new DMRPlus interconnection talkgroups, which include DMR+ USA (TG133), DMR+ UK (TG143) and DMR+ South Pacific (TG153) has been very successful and we have decided to roll these talkgroups out to all repeaters connected to our network. Top  Every user on the DMR network is required to obtain a (free) unique ID that is put into your radio code plug. Note: Kenwood has already  Brough Telecom in the UK is the best place to buy a Ham Radio DMR handset that is ready to go. G. 3. Please get in touch using our GB7WB is our DMR repeater which is connected to the Brandmeister network. The X1P, flagship hand held DMR Radio. DMR CPS Upgradekit V7. Download your free code plug here: https://www. DMR network expanding. To solve this problem, you need to fill some text into the password field and upload the codeplug into the repeater then clear the password and upload the codeplug  Hytera codeplugs. Code Plugs for other radio's (Tytera MD-380 & Connect Systems CS 700 / 750) are available from http://codeplugcentral. Talker Alias (425. 1. MD785G - 19102017 Hytera software. Not having any sucess downloading the code plug, i am going to Dayton next week (from uk) looking for code plug to use the 380 at Dayton. UK User Access: TG81. 11 Apr 2017 1 What is Amateur Radio, Why Do it; 2 Radio Society of Great Britain Club Affiliation; 3 Meetings, Events & Radio Shack Availability; 4 Study Courses & Exams. , Wessex House, Drake Avenue, Staines (Nr Heathrow), Middlesex, TW18 2AP, Tel: +44 (0)1932 567 333. Search for: Recent Posts. We here at DMR South Wales would like to inform all our users that GB7CW is now permanently connected to the South west cluster as of yesterday evening when the internet was  DMR. Home · Information · UK BrandMeister Repeaters · Join BrandMeister UK · Talkgroups and Reflectors · Contact · Donation / Support. pd68x_4 x1p_4. zip  26 Mar 2016 Bron: Florian-Wolters. And here it is - after being heavy into DMR for  18 Hytera DMR Radio Code-Plug by Rod White - G0USD Models: PD785 & MD785 Codeplug & Document Version: 3. net. When the codeplug is loaded the  DMR-INFO 19012017 V1. After all contacts for an individual There is a lot of info there. MD- 2017-DMR-DB. 05 and radio software version 3. The Hytera Range. ) TG 9990 Echo test a code plug to program your radio for use on GB7XX, GB7XY and GB7YI 7 Apr 2016 We are in the process of moving some old codeplugs we had on the site into an 'archive' or 'retired' section, as since they were uploaded, the DMR landscape in the UK has changed. com]. rather it is data software. 2 MiB, 98 hits). John S. Top  First UK DMR-MARC repeater GB7TD went live on 24th July 2013; First UK DMR Plus repeater GB7RR 14th February 2015; Now around 70 repeaters in the UK upload to the radio is called a 'Code Plug'; The code plug contains all the information the radio needs such as your DMR ID, channels and many other settings  22 Sep 2016 New DV4Home V2 digital IP transceiver for D-Star, DMR, C4FM, NXDN. uk/downloads  14 Apr 2016 DMR Codeplug Instructions for loading and configuring the TYT MD380 Radio. Burningham, W2XAB. Read carefully the PDF file, Tested and working. Lewisville, Texas (US) · Troy, Texas (US) · NU3T, Altoona, Pennsylvania (US) · KN5TX, Weatherford, Texas (US) · K5VOM, Royse City, Texas (US) · W4VSP, Wytheville, Virginia (US) · KD5CQA, LaPlace, Louisiana (US) · HG8RUG, Sarkad, Hungary (HU). The walkie-talkie TYT MD-390 is a conventional FM (analog) and a digital DMR radio compatible Tier 1 & 2 (with Motorbro Motorola and Hytera), Waterproof (IP67), 2200mAh battery, with new vocoder available either in VHF from 136 to 174Mhz (5W) or in UHF band from 400 to 480 MHz (5W), with optional GPS (on UHF  21 Oct 2015 Introduction. DMR Digital Mobile Radio. (DMR). The SW DMR group is an attempt to look at a new way of funding amateur radio repeaters. User Access World Wide  DMR-UK. Find a dmr on Gumtree, the #1 site for Ham/Amateur Radios for Sale classifieds ads in the UK. MD-380 codeplug and Editor MD390_CodePlug_Editor_v0. 06. Then input your DMR ID in the Radio ID field. • Selection is done via TG settings channels in radio (code Plug). kenwoodcommunications. Get Your Own Free Forum! Terms of  Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. uk> wrote: > > Guys, > > If anyone wants it I have a code plug for the MD380/390 that has pretty much most of the UK DMR repeaters programmed in along with the two new Cyprus zones. They DO work in my radios and include every active UK DMR repeater at the time of upload. It's proper radio, with RF which follows the same laws of physics as any other mode. 8. GB3CL & GB3CE – CTCSS Tone Changes · Radioddity GD-77 Codeplug Added · GB7WS – Codeplug Error Corrected · GB7WS – Bury St  James, G7MLO, has kindly made available a codeplug for the Radioddity GD-77 dual band DMR radio. SPOT NORCAL. Now the most important part, CODE PLUGS , what ever I can find that will be of help to you I will add to the blog, Hytera MD785, PD785, MD655, Tytera MD380, Motorola PD4600, PD4601. (Click here for codeplugs for the most  save codeplug and then write to radio. A list of all the UK DMR repeaters is available on the UK  17 Sep 2015 After reading a review on the @essexham website I decided to take a look at the world of DMR and the MD-380 seemed like a good place to start. As usual it supports all digital modes, while simplifyi Read more  To change the code plug software you do not need to uninstall the driver, they are separate stand alone programs. pd78x-78xg_1 pd78x-78xg_2. Change header From Hytera CP to other  Keep in mind that the titles are not in perfect conformity (if I ever get time I will fix this because it bugs me!), eg. Please feel free to For further information and more detail see www. 4 - Firmware V3. 09 CPS  $200. 12 Feb 2016 In the UK, the frequency of choice and early adopters seem to have hugged and embraced the 70cm band and a good flow of professional and not so DMR works by sending your number encoded along with the transmission for the other user to see and then use the code plug that was previously  4 Oct 2016 Repeaters can offer any TG that is available on their C-Bridge. Danke für den Link Benno  Brough Telecom in the UK is the best place to buy a Ham Radio DMR handset that is ready to go